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We’ll Bring Your Ideas to Light

Our customers often come to us with a vision for their lighting needs, whether they’re breathing life into a newly remodeled home, creating their dream living space from the ground up, or designing a compelling place of business. We also supply countless experienced contractors throughout the area, professionals who instinctively know the lighting fixtures that will best complement their finished projects. Whether you have only just begun looking for lighting or are nearly certain of what you would like your lighting to achieve, then you really must stop in and see our inspired lighting showroom for yourself.

Browse Our Showroom for Practical, Creative Lighting Ideas

Our upscale showroom shows our customers just how well our diverse array of lighting can accommodate virtually any design and taste. The showroom features several different true to life home designs in order to provide realistic examples of how greatly environments can be improved with the right lighting. Our lighting showroom is so illustrative that we have seen many people who were adamant about a certain design change their minds entirely in response to what they have seen there! We are also the only wholesale lighting retailer in Sioux City that offers just such an experience.

We’ll Help You Make the Most of Your Space & Budget

While visiting our showroom, please avail yourself of our friendly staff members’ considerable expertise. We can take your blueprints and show you where and what kind of lighting would best be placed throughout it. We are further able to take any project’s budget soundly under consideration, and provide a professional lighting scheme that will gleam no matter its cost. Come visit and let us shine some light on your project today!




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